A downloadable game for Android

"Universe is the home of all animals!" 

Paganimals explores the idea of home from the perspective of animals and how they might feel about the concept of home. We believe that a starry night is their home. We chose 3 of the diversifiers (in ink, sticky fingers, the ancient folk) and we tried to base our game on Indian Culture and their ceremonies. Player tries to follow a path between the stars ın universe to form a silhouette of an ancient animal respected in Indian Mythology before the bonfire dies out.


Art, Gökçe Akgül
Animal Illustrations, Mustafa Uysal
Coding, Sercan Muhlacı
Compose, Gözde Berberoğlu Özen
Sounds, Murat Kalkavan & Tuna Pamir & Başaran Badur & İbrahim Hoşceylan


Paganimals.apk 34 MB


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Please check your package for all devices

It freeze my phone and restart

The intro scene only showing for long time, and i never got next scenes

Thank you for your report @Vel Jack!

You're welcome!!