WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Space to attack.


    He obeyed with hopelessness, thinking that his beloved had met her demise. looking back at when their village was raided by merciless slaver orcs, never had he thought of seeing his kin afterwards, however, he did learn later on that his kin still lives and  is being kept in the orc warchief's quarters as a slave. upon hearing the news he could only think of saving her and escape this living hell that they are in. however, it was not an easy task, for he himself is a slave as well, but it mattered little to him, after all, his beloved's life depended on him, and he would not let her down. he at last gathered the courage to face the mighty orcs, and even though he had no proper means of protecting his naked body, nor the offensive power to fend against these orcs, he thought that he might acquire and fight them with their own equipment, and so he did, and he did so thinking that even though his chance of being victorious against the orcs is slim, his bravery is what will count and make the change, for if he had done nothing, there will be no change. for in this world, only the valiant prevail.


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